About deep defied

Hello my name is Peter Monk and welcome to Deep Defied, A  dream come true to finally start my own label from scratch distributed through Symphonic. Its great to be independent and here are some of the reasons why. 

1. To have total freedom to develop and express true creative expression. 2. Not to be just one on a 30 artist label roster. 3. Not to be just one on a 30 single per month release schedule. 

There are still a few labels left who develop artists for each release, but they are  becoming fewer and further between because its risky. This is why I created Deep Defied,  I’m an artist myself and I wanted to be able to focus on just a few projects who I have a strong musical connection with, Plus artists who have the patience to build a career and won't get discouraged by having to put out good singles consistently just to get noticed, Coupled with a strong belief in themselves knowing that they will not fail only accepting success.  As I do for myself  and believing in all of the above. 

So at the moment I'm the only artist on the label but I am hoping to find a handful of artists  to work on and develop into something special.  

Please feel free to email me from the contact page on this site if you have any questions or just want to say hi. 

Thank you,